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By Naail Ali Published on 17/09/2019

Roselle tea: A healthy solution for your menstrual cramps

A tasty drink filled with amazing health benefits.
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Naail Ali

Published on: 17/09/2019

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Roselle is a beauty of a plant hypothesized to be native to West Africa. A sub species of Hibiscus, Roselle is full of health benefits. Most commonly taken infused in tea this miracle concoction has been popular in the Maldivian alternative medicine scene to lower blood pressure, reduce blood sugar levels, keep your liver healthy and best of all help with menstrual cramps as well as weight management. As a cherry on top we can guarantee your taste buds will be delighted by this refreshing drink.

“Hibiscus flower and leaf is used to regulate menstrual cycle and to treat problems incurred during the menstrual period,” says Patrick Kabugo, a researcher and herbalist. The drink stimulates blood flow within the uterus due to its emmenagogue effects. While it is a surely a super food for the average everyday woman it is discouraged for pregnant woman to indulge in this drink as it may lead to complications.

The aromatic tea helps the drinker’s mood swings, depression and overeating habits during their menstrual period. In addition, it’s an easy flower to incorporate into a drink. We recommend adding 2 cups of fresh Roselle flowers into 8 cups of water with ¼ cups of honey and 3 tablespoons of fresh lime juice. You can drink this amazing potion warm or cold.

The plant has a high number of polyphenolic compounds, flavonoids and lipid soluble antioxidants. These substances are responsible for the numerous benefits of the roselle plant. The polyphenols are compounds shown to possess powerful anti-cancer properties. Hibiscus extract has also been shown to inhibit stomach cancer cells by up to 52% in test-tube studies. Keep in mind that these were test-tube studies using high amounts of hibiscus extract. Research in humans is needed to evaluate the effect of hibiscus tea on cancer.

In conclusion, Roselle tea was and is an amazing herbal solution especially for woman. A remedy untouched since the elder times of Maldives. An experience you should definitely have.

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