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By Nabeel Ibrahim Published on 02/01/2020

Detox diets are not recommended- Dietitian Asiya

Asiya AbdulRaheem was a guest at the “Hendunu Hendunaa” program shown exclusively on Television Maldives.
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Published on: 02/01/2020

Asiya AbdulRaheem Dietitian Detox Diet
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Detox diets have become a trend in the Maldives, however, Dietitian Asiya AbdulRaheem does not recommend detox diets.

Ms. Asiya was a guest at the “Hendunu Hendunaa” program shown exclusively on Television Maldives. While speaking about detox diets, she said that they are not needed to remove toxins from the body.

She stated that the human body is complete, and in a healthy person that consumes a complete diet, the kidney is responsible to remove toxins from the body.

“Fruits and vegetables contain vitamins, phytochemicals and antioxidants. These substances help remove toxins”, said Ms. Asiya, while highlighting the 5 food groups.

The 5 main groups of food are meat, fruits, vegetables, dairy and cereals & starchy vegetables. These should be included in our daily diet.

Furthermore, according to Ms. Asiya, there are only 6 dietitians currently working in the Maldives, who are responsible to design diets. She mentioned that none of these dietitians would recommend a detox diet.

Dietitian Asiya appearing on the Hendunu Hendunaa program  (Photo: Television Maldives)

Detox diets and juices are also preferred by people who want to lose weight. However, Ms. Asiya stated that these people are losing weight as a result of the human body not getting enough nutrients.

“Most (detox diets) include only fruits and vegetables. If one can achieve a balanced diet with only these, dietary guidelines will not include 5 food groups”.

Moreover, while answering a question regarding the effects of a detox diet to those diagnosed with different illnesses, Ms. Asiya said that those that have gastric problems should not consume citrus fruits on an empty stomach. Moreover, she said that juices should not be included in the diet of diabetic patients as it will spike their sugar levels.

In addition, Ms. Asiya also highlighted the effects of a detox diet on patients with high cholesterol. A common ingredient in many detox diets is grapefruit, and if cholesterol medicine is consumed with grapefruit, it can have dangerous effects on the body.

Dietitian Asiya also mentioned that detox juices can be used on the side of a balanced diet. However, she noted that they will not help lose weight, or control sugar and cholesterol levels.

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